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Sky is the limit then living in the peak should be more exciting. The Peak @ Phnom Penh is the best place to spend your leisure. The Peak Cambodia by Oxley Holdings & World Bridge Land at Phnom Penh has two residential towers of more than 1000 residential apartments and 1 commercial/office/hotel tower. The Peak at Phnom Penh is 55 storied high.

spend leisure peaks peak phnom penh


It is estimated that the Peak at Phnom Penh should be completed by 2020. This high-rise tower has multiple recreational activities like swimming pool, gymnasium, playground, shopping mall and the major attraction of Shangri-La hotel that operates around 300 rooms. The multiple highlights for this upcoming project are willing to attract a major percentage of tourists to Cambodia. No other family trips should be as great as this Peak at Phnom Penh after it launches. Your family should never be dull at the laser show at Phnom Penh and spectacular fireworks on special events. Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia is majorly a tourist, agriculture and foreign investment hub. The place is bordered by some famous places like Aeon Mall, Naga world Hotel and Casino, embassies and Diamond Island.

Why profitable property?

Hotel Shangri-La is ought to serve the best business in that place. The property has room sizes ranging from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms. Supposedly handsome revenue shall be generated from that property where they have multiple recreational activities. Cambodia is said to have a decent climatic conditions and favourable political environment. It is believed that The Peak at Phnom Penh will be the best and profitable property after it runs. They expect to have a smooth business with adequate turnovers from the investments. Cambodia is the most suitable hub for business investment now. Shangri-la hotel along with other recreational activities are an added advantage to this business property.