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Are you striving for the good residential unit? Then here is good news. The citizen of Singapore, looking for the superior residential complex is requested to visit Gems Residence condo. One thing is for sure, once you step in a complex, you find your dream house. Just go and have a look at this beautiful personal residential project.

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Why do you need to be informed about Gem Residences?

In Singapore, you find various types of personal residential complex and units, but the uniqueness of Gem Residences is its reasonable price rate. But there is no compromise in your comfort, facilities or other amenities. So if you are looking for some affordable residential unit where almost every facility has been offered, come to Gem Residences complex. It is an apt choice for you and your families.

Key placement of this building draws the attention of the buyer as Braddell MRT station in Singapore is very near to this residential tower, so residents can easily travel by metro. Even if you wish avail central express which is very close to your house.


Let’s talk about the facilities –

  • If you have a kid, convent school reputed educational institute, well-known college and university are located 10 to 15 minutes away from Gem Residences.
  • Orchard shopping belt is very near to this building which is great news for shoppers.
  • For entertainment purpose, you can go to the Recreation Park, food court, restaurant, multiplex with your family to be entertained and it takes hardly 15 minutes from your housing complex.
  • If you are beauty conscious visit beauty parlor, spa, a salon which is near to your housing complex.

Brief desecration about the developer:

Organization, which is behind this project, is GEMS Home Pte Ltd Company has been involved in real estate business for a long time and, this time, they come up with brand new Gem Residences project to surprise their customers.

Sky is the limit then living in the peak should be more exciting. The Peak @ Phnom Penh is the best place to spend your leisure. The Peak Cambodia by Oxley Holdings & World Bridge Land at Phnom Penh has two residential towers of more than 1000 residential apartments and 1 commercial/office/hotel tower. The Peak at Phnom Penh is 55 storied high.

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It is estimated that the Peak at Phnom Penh should be completed by 2020. This high-rise tower has multiple recreational activities like swimming pool, gymnasium, playground, shopping mall and the major attraction of Shangri-La hotel that operates around 300 rooms. The multiple highlights for this upcoming project are willing to attract a major percentage of tourists to Cambodia. No other family trips should be as great as this Peak at Phnom Penh after it launches. Your family should never be dull at the laser show at Phnom Penh and spectacular fireworks on special events. Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia is majorly a tourist, agriculture and foreign investment hub. The place is bordered by some famous places like Aeon Mall, Naga world Hotel and Casino, embassies and Diamond Island.

Why profitable property?

Hotel Shangri-La is ought to serve the best business in that place. The property has room sizes ranging from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms. Supposedly handsome revenue shall be generated from that property where they have multiple recreational activities. Cambodia is said to have a decent climatic conditions and favourable political environment. It is believed that The Peak at Phnom Penh will be the best and profitable property after it runs. They expect to have a smooth business with adequate turnovers from the investments. Cambodia is the most suitable hub for business investment now. Shangri-la hotel along with other recreational activities are an added advantage to this business property.

The condo High Park Residences Singapore is a newly launched project which is expected to complete within a couple of years. This residential project is strategically located at Fernvale Road in the District of Sengkang. This upcoming residence consists of a good mixture of residential units ranging from condominium, semi-detached to bungalow. The future residents are promised to be offered great facilities by the residence.

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Which condominium facilities are available?

There are over 100 extensive condominium facilities which are available in High park condominium. The several facilities offered to the future residents include Swimming Pool, Guard House, Family Pool, Kids Play Pool, Clubhouse, Poolside Deck, Lawn, Gym, barbeque Pavilions, Study Pod, Jogging Track, Water Wall and Fitness station. Apart from these, there are even other facilities provided by the residence. The availability of so many condominium facilities is sure to attract a lot of people.

Functional Residential units

The layout of High Park Residences Singapore is very functional. Each and every unit is made perfectly for meeting the various requirements of the residents. The residence offers its residents a complete luxury lifestyle. All the residential units are provided with premium fittings and finishes. One can find high quality, branded appliances in any corner of the house. The residents are thus ensured a high quality and luxurious life style. The residences is surely one of the best option available nowadays. This is because of the fact that each and every residential unit is completely functional.

Overall, the High Park Residences serves as one of the best residential option. It is hard to find any other residential unit which offers more facilities to the residents than the high park condominium. If you are looking for a residential unit filled with facilities, you should certainly not miss out on these particular residence. The offerings here are immense.

The City Gate condominium of Singapore located on the Beach Road is an elegant piece and one of the cutting-edge developments in the area of condos. It is a mixture of a place for living as well as retail development. It has been designed with the idea of replacing the Keypoint mall which is situated along the Beach Road.

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Retail unit:

This total thing will consist of a six storey podium and a residential unit of 25 storeys. Total 188 retail units can be accommodated and 311 residential units are accommodated in the City Gate plan. In the retail units there will be a supermarket, a food court, handful of restaurants and over hundreds of stores.

Residential unit:

In the residential unit one, two and three bedrooms apartment are available. Penthouse with one, two and three bedrooms are also available.

For the people who love sports and beach:

The Kallang Waterfront is only a five minutes drive from the City Gate. And also the Singapore Sports hub is also very near. So for those who love to go to the beach to get a tan or spent some exiting time with their family Kallang is your answer. And also for the sports lover the Singapore sports hub is an absolutely the best thing you can get. There are also many shopping centers nearby. So, people living in this condo will be having a lot of options for shopping and entertainment with their friends and family.

Singapore is one the most beautiful cities of the world. It is one of the most progressive cities and people all over the world would want to live in this city. The City Gate condos are one of the best projects of Singapore and the location is absolutely awesome. So interested people it is time you book your condos before there are no options left as the number of apartments available is only 311.

Kingsford Waterbay condominium which is situated in upper Serangoon has a lush green environment so that the residents can breathe fresh air and enjoy the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the surroundings. This condominium is coming up in a tranquil as well as serene landscape. This is a perfect place for families to live, enjoy and prosper. There are a number of established primary as well as high schools nearby and the family can enjoy their outing to the malls that are very near to this condominium. From Kingsford Waterbay, all other places in Singapore are easily accessible either by train or by bus.

kingsford waterbay apartments healthy comfortable living

Kingsford Waterbay condo is connected to Hougang MRT station by frequent buses. The residents are assured of easy connectivity to all nearby places. The community centre at Hougang provides all types of recreational facilities, healthcare facilities, entertainments and shopping facilities. There are several world class restaurants in the community centre. The nearby Punggol Park is an ideal place for outing for the residents of Kingsford Waterbay. The upcoming Market Square is expected to provide more shopping as well as entertainment facilities. The popular schools that are within a distance of 1km from this condominium include Chij Our Lady of The Nativity School, Nan Chiau Primary School and Chij St. Joseph’s Convent School.

Local people, PR and foreigners are allowed to purchase apartments in Kingsford Waterbay condo. Those who purchase the apartments at Waterbay are quite amazed with its location, prices, various amenities that are provided, the top-notch facilities that are provided in the condominium and various other aspects of these apartments. The availability of alternate transportation is a great advantage for all those who buy apartments at Kingsford Waterbay. Availability of frequent bus services enables them to save significant amount of money for transportation. The efficient public transport system also enables the residents to substantially reduce their traveling time.

For the majority of us, purchasing an apartment suite is the initial move towards home possession. In any case, purchasing a condominium is very not the same as acquiring a house and to get you away from this try Botanique @ Bartley condo.

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Looking the right condominium

In the previous few years, land engineers have forcefully taken up condominium ventures with such a large number of townhouses, picking the right one can be overpowering. Purchasers can approach land specialists to discover condo that suit them the best. Since operators are in consistent touch with designers, they help purchasers to settle on the right decision.


Each land exchange includes a considerable measure of cash. With time, property costs have expanded quickly. In this manner, its essential to settle a financial plan and pursuit appropriately. Cost of apartment suites relies on upon different elements. Purchasing an overpriced flat is not a savvy venture.


One needs to give noteworthy significance to area and Botanique @ Bartley condo is the best area provider. Acquiring a condo far from the fundamental city causes a great deal of issues later on. One must completely check the site before finishing the arrangement. Purchasers must consider nearness to doctor’s facilities, workplaces and other crisis administrations. They must give legitimate consideration towards well-being of the spot.

Know the complex guidelines

With such a variety of individuals living respectively, apartment suite structures have particular standards. Buyers must know the guidelines and check whether they are agreeable with it. An administration including individuals from the complex plans the guidelines and regulations. There are principles on imparted spaces and pets. Before moving in, one must guarantee they are agreeable with the principles.

Enquire about expenses

In many edifices, affiliations toll expenses for normal costs. Purchasers must ask about the Botanique at Bartley price and comprehend what precisely they are paying for. A well-run complex sets aside some cash for doing structural repairs. One shouldn’t move into a townhouse where there is no affiliation. It’s essential for tenants to know how their cash is being used.

Get data about support

Before purchasing a townhouse, one must get complete data about the individual in charge of upkeep. Ordinarily, others do support. On the other hand, at times managers need to contribute. An intricate without fitting support is exasperating to live. It additionally abatements its resale esteem.

Fitting investigation

Assessment is an imperative perspective that purchasers should not overlook. One must appropriately review the complex and see whether there are any provisos. It’s a smart thought to take a surveyor amid assessment. Surveyors will perceive shortcomings, which purchasers may miss overall.