Real estate buyers spend much of their time online before buying any property. An attractive website design is the first step in making real estate sale. Here are some of the best real estate websites that has been recently launched:

1) Karel Costa showcases the beautiful property that Florida and Miami has to offer.
2) The is an amazing website to find property for your houses.
3) The Haverkate Group’s website showcases Palm Springs property settling at its best.
4) is a perfect example that brings the best of both worlds together.
5) specializes in the large beautifully taken photo of featured listing.
6) Bronix expert’s realty is website which focuses in the city of Bronx. It highlights the main attractions of the city in their homepage image.
7) is a agent site that is built on the wordpress platform.
8) Greg Nonnan’s website makes the progress of home searching easy.
9) showcases any property in any form or angle.
10) Wetag international has won a best website award. It is a very attractive site that showcases the finest property.
11) Gordon Williams’s website features attractive elements on his homepage and a customer feels safe in choosing Gordon as its agent.
12) has a quick search and email signup section which helps to gather the lead visitors and help them in finding their property.
13) Mackey Martin real estate group website specializes in real estate for physicians.
14) Pradee properties showcases there industry rankings on their website.
15) Gold point real estate website features an introduction into the lifestyle of the Richmond VA area.
16) Camille Hanggi is a professional website that has a bold design and sophistication.
17) The Santidrian real estate has an extensive community section and has a modern and stylish homepage.

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